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Wildfires Has Raging Out of Control A Crossed the US & Around The World.

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  • In Greece 91 were killed as wildfire swept the country.
  • In the USA there are at least 18 active fires burning through California alone.
  • The deadly Carr Fire itself in Shasta County, CA has burned over 115,500 acres and destroyed over 1,000 homes.
  • The lost lives, destroyed lands and demolished homes have devastated the lives of so many which is terrible enough.
  • There is an underlying fact that the danger can continue long after the flames go out.
  • After the fires are extinguished the leftover toxic debris can create a direct exposure to those        that are sifting through, handling it and living in the surrounding areas.
  • Homes and buildings that have been destroyed by fires leave behind extremely toxic ash and hazardous debris that can cause harm and damage to those that are tackling the clean up and living close by.
  • It is important to make sure this hazardous ash is contained and controlled as much as possible.
  • This can be accomplished by first locking down and then properly handling it during the clean up.
  • This minimizes and helps prevent the possibility of unnecessary exposure to individuals and entire neighborhoods.

Owen Sutton

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