Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement is not a pleasant subject to discuss when the city is alerted to a violation in city codes.  The biggest portion of individuals who try to obfuscate city building codes can have trouble trying to justifying their actions when the city comes a calling.  Projects many times require Home Restoration to clear citations.  There are at least three types of citations which the city can handout  Warnings, Notice to Comply and Notice of Violation.  These are then given to Code Enforcement to bring pressure on correcting the issue(s).  Home Restoration has been approached on many problems such as insurance restoration, lead paint, historic preservation,and building additions.  Think before you make the wrong move in trying to save a step or money.  The small amount you save could cost you big time to correct.  Ask yourself is it worth it.  Make sure the contractor you hire is not selling you the job just to placate your dreams, because it could turn into a nightmare.

In San Diego:

Code Enforcement works in partnership with the people of San Diego to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment; to improve the quality of San Diego’s neighborhoods through education, enforcement, and abatement; and to respond to community concerns and attain code compliance while maintaining high professional standards and continually seeking improvements and innovations.

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