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EPA RRP Trainer Newsletter

On February 10, 2016 EPA finalized revisions to the Lead-based Paint program. The final rule allows refresher training to be done without a hands-on component, which means it can be completed entirely online. Taking a renovator refresher course that does not include hands-on training will result in a 3- year renovator certification. Taking a refresher training course that includes hands-on training (regardless of whether the rest of the course is taken online or in a classroom) results in a 5-year renovator certification. Individuals who take the renovator refresher without hands-on training must, for their next refresher course, take a refresher course that includes hands-on training to maintain renovator certification. Renovators can find E-learning providers using our online trainer search tool. Go to our training provider page for information about accreditation and to request a copy of the model E-learning curriculum.

Owen Sutton

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