Renovator On-Line Refresher [Part #1] – English

$75.00 20 students enrolled Simon Tech

Welcome to EPA’s Certified Renovator On-Line Refresher Training Course- Lead Safety for Renovation, Repair, and Painting This is the Online Refresher Course for Certified Renovators without hands-on that will certify you for an additional 3 years from course completion. You must be aware that you’ll be required to take a refresher with hands-on for the next certification.

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Assessment – Renovator On-line Refresher [Part #2]

19 students enrolled Simon Tech

The Renovator On-Line Refresher – English is a prerequisite for taking the assessment

Exam – Renovator On-line Refresher [Part #3]

18 students enrolled Simon Tech

The “Assessment – Renovator On-line Refresher” is a prerequisite for taking The Exam. Only The Exam generates your certificate upon completion.