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 A: Go to the all courses page http://leadsaferestoration.com/lp-courses :
  1. Click on desired Course button
  2. if at this point you are presented with a password field, the course is protected / private and you can contact us for early access and beta testing but not yet purchase get certified.
  3. Click “Buy this course” button and the “View Cart” button will appear, then click the “View Cart” button.
  4. At the cart click the “Checkout” button
  5. At Checkout please login if you have not yet done so or Register as a “New Customer” by clicking the “Continue” button in this section.
    When registering your full address is required. Also please provide your certificate number for your former refresher or initial certification.
  6. After registration you will be automatically signed in and redirected to the “Order” page, and you should now click on “Place Order” button, where after you will be redirected to PayPal
  7. After your payment has been processed you will be directed back to leadsaferestoration.com where you will be automatically enrolled in, and you should be able to start the course.

Owen Sutton

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